Raffaella RONCHI

was born in Bari (Italy). She began studying piano when a child and she took the diploma in Piano in 1986 by Music Academy "Niccolò Piccinni" in Bari. She pursued her piano's studies under Mrs Enza Sicari's guidance; at the same time she studied composition with M° Marco Di Bari. She also took the diploma in Didattica della Musica in 1984 by Music Academy "Luigi Cherubini" in Firenze

Also, she has made several advanced studies with illustrious Masters such as: Bruno Mezzena (Superior Music School to the Musical Academy in Pescara - Italy), Alexis Waissemberg (European Seminary of Pianistic Interpretation to the "Romano Romanini" Foundation in Chiari (Bs) - Italy), Lev Naumov (Pianistic Interpretation Course to the "Asolo Musica" in Castelfranco Veneto (Ts) - Italy), Pierre - Laurent Aimard (International Bartok Seminar in Szombathely - Ungheria, Festival of Contemporary Music in Avignone - France, Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik in Darmstadt - Germany) and Massimiliano Damerini (Pianistic Interpretation Course to the "Spazio Musica" in Orvieto (Tr) - Italy, Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik in Darmstadt - Germany).

She has taken part in many national and international competitions in Italy, achieving good results:
"Schumann Young-Chang" Macugnaga (No), "Città di Roma" international competitions, "A.M.A. Calabria", "Città di Albenga" (Sv), "Coppa Pianisti d'Italia" (An), and many others.

She has also performed with the RAI (national radio and TV) for a musical radio program twice, playing Petrassi and Schumann and she has recorded for piano solo by "Progetto Suono" music of: Hindemith, Webern, Honegger, Messiaen and Di Bari.

She is the President of Musical Association "Diapason" in Cellamare (Ba).

She is a Master of complementary Piano with the Music Academy in Monopoli (Ba).

For some years she has studied, stylistics and analytic research, and plays music of pianistic and chamber letterature of the last century stork and contemporary.

She plays national (Bari, Milano, Pescara, Teramo, Catania, Mantova, Cosenza, Treviso, Massa, Pisa, Terni etc...) and international (Austria, Unghery and Germany) concerts, as solist and in different chamber groups. She has collaborated with the bundler Giuseppe Petrella and with the soprano Amelia Felle. Now she is collaboring with the flautist Mario Caroli, with the violoncellist Ubaldo Chirizzi, with the soprano Antonietta Cozzoli, with the pianist Maria Gabriella Bassi and with the percussionists  Filippo Lattanzi  and Stefano Baldoni. She has played for important Associations like "Camerata Musicale Tarentum" (Ta), "Il Coretto" (Ba), A.Gi.M.U.S. (Ct), "Spazio Musica" in Orvieto (Tr), ecc... and in many Festivals like "Spoltore Ensamble '88" (Pe),"Vacanze Musicali" in Asolo (Tv), "International Bartok Festival" in Unghery, "Il Giardino della Musica" in Milano, "Frontiere" in Pisa etc... in important places like the Theatre "Piccinni" in Bari, the Theatre Comunale in Potenza, the Social Theatre in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mn), Palazzina Liberty in Milano etc... always with great public and critical approval.